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German Liectroux Newly Developed Travel Protection Robot To Help People Have A Safe Travel Experience

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      Travel safety is a problem that many people pay attention to. When going out, people often encounter theft, robbery, etc. and it is difficult to protect their personal and property safety. To solve this problem, German Liectroux Robotics Institute has developed a travel protection robot to guarantee people’s travel safety in all aspects.

      The robot is small and can be placed in a regular bag or other bags that stores luggage. Although it is small in size but it is very flexible. It can move freely. And when the user has no place to place the robot, the user can turn on the "invisible" function of the robot so that the robot can also protect the personal and property safety of the user. The robot is able to monitor real-time people with suspicious behavior within 20 meters of the user. When a person with suspicious behavior is seen, the machine will  warn the user by voice and let the user know the suspicious person is near him/her and the user will leave the danger zone in time. When the danger is close to the user. For example, when the gangster carries the knife and ready to stab the user, the robot can subdue the gangsters by electric shock, anesthesia, etc., to protect the user. There is also a possibility that when the user is alone on the journey, sometimes he/she feels tired and needs rest and can't guarantee his/her property and personal safety at the same time. The robot can also protect the user's property and personal safety while the user is resting. When a thief wants to steal the user's property or harm the user. The robot will sound a warning tone and simultaneously prevent the thief from stealing the user's property or harming the user by electric shock, anesthesia and so on.

      The travel protection robot developed by the German Liectroux can help protect the safety of people and property when traveling and it provides a good guarantee for people's travel safety. The Liectroux Robotics Institute  has also conducted some achievements in robot vacuum cleaners.

      The robot vacuum cleaner developed by German Liectroux Robotics Institute adopts a scanning and patterning partition cleaning mode so that its overall cleaning coverage is higher, and the repeated cleaning and the miss-cleaning are avoided. And it has built-in multiple sensing devices and it will be sensitive to avoid temporary obstacles such as benches during cleaning. In addition, its unique V-shaped spiral floating roller brush can deeply clean all kinds of impurity dust which is difficult to handle in the floor gap and its cleaning effect is very good. Once launched, the robot vacuum cleaner has been immediately favored and loved by consumers.


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