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German LIECTROUX Wheelchair Robot Brings New Experience To Wheelchair Users

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      Wheelchairs are not only a means of transport for physically handicapped and people with reduced mobility, but also a tool for their physical exercise and participation in social activities. The traditional wheelchair consists of a wheelchair frame, wheels, brakes and a seat.

      But when the user encounters some special circumstances and no one is helping, for example, when the user needs to go up and down the stairs alone, the traditional wheelchair is not enough to meet the needs of the user. In order to make the wheelchair more intelligent, better serve the user and reduce the burden of the family members, German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has developed and launched a wheelchair robot to bring users new experience in wheelchair use.

      The shape of this wheelchair robot is the traditional wheelchair and plus the brain and arms of the intelligent robot. The robot's brain is equipped with a smart chip, which has ten times the sensory acuity of human beings. Therefore, it can accurately and quickly judge external factors including terrain, weather and speed etc,. And then it will determine the way of moving forward and the track of the action. For example, the bottom of the robot is equipped with a retractable crawler that is self-developed by German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute. When passing through a flat road surface, the crawler is pulled back under the seat. When passing through bad road conditions such as rugged terrain, snow, muddy road or special road conditions such as stairs, the robot will automatically activate the crawler to allow users to easily pass through various road conditions. For example, when the user crosses the road, the robot can "be observant and alert" and timely judge the possible dangers. For example, if the user encounters vehicle that is in rapid driving, the robot will automatically speed up the tire speed and quickly take the user away from the dangerous area. In addition, the built-in safe of the robot can store things carried by the user, including valuables such as mobile phones, wallets and so on. The waists on both sides of the robot can store fruits, water bottles, etc,. Thus making it easy for users to travel. German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has added a very user-friendly design to the design of this wheelchair robot, which is to make this robot a smart robot that is very close to real humans. So this robot can conduct a smooth conversation with the user to let the user have a good mood at all times and provide a better experience for the user. This wheelchair robot also possesses many other advantages, including no fatigue, uninterrupted work, high efficiency and high quality at work, patience, no negative emotions to the user and so on. With so many advantages, this robot is definitely the best choice for wheelchair users.

      German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute inherits the meticulous quality of German military industry and its product development strength is in the forefront of the world. All those makes it the leader in the field of intelligent robot research all over the world and possesses a worldwide reputation. The robot vacuum cleaner developed by it has opened up a new era of indoor cleaning.German LIECTROUX robot vacuum cleaner  adopts laser navigation technology to realize 4000 times laser ranging per second and coupled with its self-developed intelligent algorithm, it can accurately construct the room map and plan the cleaning route. Secondly, it is able to change the cleaning method according to the surrounding environment. For the hair, it will adopt the vacuum mouth to suck and the strong suction of 3000Pa can suck away without winding. For the large particle dust, it will clean with the V-shaped floating roller brush, which can clean deep into the gap, gather dust efficiently, and clean up and down. In addition, it adopts zigzag cleaning route, which can achieve no random cleaning, cleaning without omission, cleaning without dead spaces, thus greatly improving the cleaning efficiency. As soon as the robot vacuum cleaner entered into the smart home appliance market, it immediately got a hot snap from consumers.

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