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German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute Window Cleaning Robot Has Launched "New tricks" Double Super Features Of "Mind Control"

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      In recent years, commercial houses have emerged in an endless stream. While living in a comfortable and happy way, the cleaning work has become a troublesome problem. Especially for residents who live on high floors, the outer glass is difficult to clean. In the long run, dust will accumulate and become more difficult to clean. In the same way, the external windows at the office face the same problem. Window cleaning robot came into being.

      According to the latest report of the《Frankfurter Messe》,the German LIECTROUX Robotics Research Institute and the University of Hamburg, Germany, have newly developed a new window cleaning robot that can efficiently accomplish a variety of difficult cleaning tasks. This window cleaning robot is small but fully equipped. Its shape is a starfish shape so that it can ensure the maximum coverage area while cleaning.

      This window cleaning robot possesses two quite advanced functions: one is the "mind control" function, that is, to control the cleaning path of the window cleaning robot through human thoughts. When people's eyes first sweep through all the areas that need to be cleaned, the memory will automatically be stored in the human brain. Then the machine will automatically turn on the human brain scanning mode by simply pressing the “mind control” button on the machine. As long as people stand in the area within 1 meter around the window cleaning robot, the machine will automatically scan the area where the brain is responsible for storing memory. At this time, as long as the person focuses on the area that should be cleaned, the machine will automatically scan that part of the memory. After scanning the memory, the machine will immediately clean up the areas that need to be cleaned.

      The second powerful feature of this machine is that it can automatically clean itself. The windows are often filled with heavy dust. After cleaning, the window cleaning robot will surely get a thick layer of dust on the mops, which requires people to manually clean them up. However, this window cleaning robot can clean the mops automatically after cleaning the dust. People just need to simply press the "Automatic Cleaning" button and the built-in purifier will spray cleaning liquid on the mops and clean the stain on the mops, then spray the water to clean the mops until the mops are clean as brand new. What’s more, the mops will also be sterilized after all the cleaning. The window cleaning robot is very convenient and easy to use.

      The window cleaning robot developed by the German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute is a good helper for people to clean windows in homes and office buildings. In addition to the breakthrough in the field of window cleaning robots, the German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute  is also outstanding in the area of robot vacuum cleaner. Its robot vacuum cleaners have intelligent positioning navigation chip, V-type floating roller brush, digital frequency conversion brushless motor and other high-quality configuration. It possesses excellent performance and   high cost performance, which can be viewed as people’s first choice of purchasing the robot vacuum cleaners.




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